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Aired on 4/14/16


So in these episodes we see a tiff between Bailey and Warren because Warren opened up a pregnant woman in a hallway and she and the baby both wound up dying. So Bailey calls all these panels of people who interview the entire hospital basically to try to understand what happened.

OK SO my question:

Where was this when Izzie cut Denny's LVAD wire? I mean yeah the interns got called into Richard's office but ZERO dicipinary action was taken. They did the Morbidity and Mortality conference--which why didn't they do that for Warren instead of doing it privately? That seems like it's not protocol.

Also, Alex wrote down or said wrong the incorrect dosage information for a patient and that guy ended up dying. Where was the dicipline for that?

Richard came to work drunk. So did Amelia. Nothing about that? That's cool?

Christina covered for Burke when he had his tremor. Both Burke and Christina remained unscathed.

Meredith and Derek's brain surgery trial thing killed a number of people. Nothing happened to them. They were given one more patient until they shut it down.

April forgot to check a womans' airway and she died. And that wasn't an M&M either, was it? They all just stood out in the hall and one by one went into the Chief's office and said it was someone else's fault.

What about when Bailey had the staph infection that killed people?

Penny killed Derek. And she got a new, better job out of it!!! She got to work at the hospital where someone who was loved and revered worked. And under his wife no less. Soooo discipline?

What about when Lexie and a bunch of other interns were practicing cutting each other? Did anyone get in trouble for that?

What am I forgetting here?

I just don't think Bailey was doing the right thing here. If you feel like an employee of yours did something wrong--even if that person is your husband-- you investigate it yourself or you do the M&M thing that we saw, what, once?

Can we talk about this because it's really bothering me!

I found a podcast that talks about the episode. This is helping me.


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