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Yeah I'm quoting TLC. Because it's 1999, y'all.
ACTUALLY, you would think from the story I'm about to tell you that it's fucking 1969!!!!!

Here's a little piece I like to call: Sexism in the workplace.


Several weeks ago a man came into the gallery and selected a pendant and inquired about chains to go with said pendant.
We had the following conversation:

HIM: What length chain do I need for this?

ME: Well 16 is good if you want it shorter or 30" is a good length if you want to wear it long.

HIM: Well....the woman this is for...she.....well, she has large breasts.

ME: Okay, well maybe you'd like...

HIM: Actually they're about the size of your breasts.

ME: O..K...

HIM: (He approaches me and PATS ME ON THE BACK!!)  I mean that as a compliment!

ME: ok.

HIM: You can say "thank you."

ME: .....thankyou....

So I raged about that piece of shit asshole sexist to eeeeeeeeeeeeeveryone. Because how in the FUCK is that appropriate? Who SAYS THAT????? It's the worst.

SO THEN today a guy comes in and he gets a pendant and chain and he's a fun guy and he's cursing a lot and talking about shit. He's young-ish. Like 35-40 I would say. 100% positive he's no younger than 35 and no older than 45. But anyway he's telling me and my co-worker Meg about all these places we should go camping and we're writing it down and we're all having a grand old time with him and laughing it up except for the fact that he found us working there to be unacceptable and that we need to "get out of here" and "promise me you'll be out of here by next year" and shit like that. Like ok dude we're fine with our life choices thanks and we don't LOVE our job but you know we need money to pay for things so shut the fuck up. Also Meg told him she studied printmaking in college and he litterally goes "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH *THAT*?" Rude. BUT that's not even the worst of it. So when he said he was leaving he was like ooohh i need to give y'all hugs! So Meg approached him 'cause she's a hugger and I stood back because I'm not a stranger hugger.  I wasn't going to VOLUNTEER to hug this dude but it wasn't a big deal if he approached me if that makes sense. So he hugs me and Meg and ok fine byeee and he goes "oh  I just like feeling titties against my chest" and we're like O.....K.... (me & meg: nervous laughter) and he didn't even stop there. He kept telling me how I had nice breasts and went ON AND ON about it. And I'm probably turning red at this point and my responses got very curt and I'm awkwardly nervous-laughing the whole thing off but he doesn't stop. He's making fun of me for turing red or whatever I don't know what he said exactly but I was like well actually it makes me uncomfortable and I told him about the dude a few weeks prior who commented on my boobs and this dude was just like "well you have a great rack." OK WHAT DID I *JUST* SAY??? And he kept joking about how "Well what size ARE your breasts" Me: *nervous laughter*  and "I'm just kidding. Unless you want to show me." Me: *nervous laughter* Him: "you know what they say! A good friend will show you their boobs but a GREAT friend will let you touch them!" Me: *nervous laughter*. Oh did I mention he was married? I don't know if that makes it MORE creepy but it doesn't help. He wasn't hiding it either. Earlier when he was talking about camping it was "me and my wife" etc etc. Hell, he came in the store to buy her a present. But yeah he just KEPT on it and it really made me uncomfortable.

And it makes me self-conscious. I don't put my boobs like OUT THERE at work. I keep my shit covered up. And yet people constantly feel the need to comment on the size of my breasts. WHY? A) They're just boobs. Get over it. B) What is it with me? Like what is it that make people comment to me or tell me that they're "sooo great"? I don't get it. Boobs are just boobs.  And lest you think that I'm bragging, trust me, I'm not. I enjoy having breasts and using them on my own terms. When I want to utilize them for my personal purposes. But that's not at work. And that's not for strangers to be commenting on to me when I'm trying to do my job and I'm being polite and professional and the rules of professionalism dictate that I cant tell these sexist assholes to go fuck themselves.

But on a larger scale, I'm concerned. When did it become socially acceptable to treat women like that? You hear shit about how back in the 60's or whatever you could smack a secretary on the ass and it was totes cool. And then they made workplace videos about how that's innapropriate and you can't do that. I mean I guess the deal is that since these assholes are CLIENTS, not employees I can't say shit to them. "The customer is always right" ...even when they make me uncomfortable? My boss is on vacation this week, but she didn't say shit about the last guy who made me uncomfortable so I doubt she'll give a shit about this.

Men need to realize that it's not ok to talk to women like this. What is that? Feminism? Equality? Not being a creeper? I don't know what you call it, but I'm upset over it. Like really. Meg and I both couldn't shake that feeling of being weirded out for like a while today.



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