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2030-03-15 06:09 pm
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2016-04-16 06:59 pm

Thoughts on Grey's 12x18 and 12x19

Aired on 4/14/16


So in these episodes we see a tiff between Bailey and Warren because Warren opened up a pregnant woman in a hallway and she and the baby both wound up dying. So Bailey calls all these panels of people who interview the entire hospital basically to try to understand what happened.

OK SO my question:

Where was this when Izzie cut Denny's LVAD wire? I mean yeah the interns got called into Richard's office but ZERO dicipinary action was taken. They did the Morbidity and Mortality conference--which why didn't they do that for Warren instead of doing it privately? That seems like it's not protocol.

Also, Alex wrote down or said wrong the incorrect dosage information for a patient and that guy ended up dying. Where was the dicipline for that?

Richard came to work drunk. So did Amelia. Nothing about that? That's cool?

Christina covered for Burke when he had his tremor. Both Burke and Christina remained unscathed.

Meredith and Derek's brain surgery trial thing killed a number of people. Nothing happened to them. They were given one more patient until they shut it down.

April forgot to check a womans' airway and she died. And that wasn't an M&M either, was it? They all just stood out in the hall and one by one went into the Chief's office and said it was someone else's fault.

What about when Bailey had the staph infection that killed people?

Penny killed Derek. And she got a new, better job out of it!!! She got to work at the hospital where someone who was loved and revered worked. And under his wife no less. Soooo discipline?

What about when Lexie and a bunch of other interns were practicing cutting each other? Did anyone get in trouble for that?

What am I forgetting here?

I just don't think Bailey was doing the right thing here. If you feel like an employee of yours did something wrong--even if that person is your husband-- you investigate it yourself or you do the M&M thing that we saw, what, once?

Can we talk about this because it's really bothering me!

I found a podcast that talks about the episode. This is helping me.

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2016-02-11 06:39 pm
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I hope the junkyard a few blocks from here someday burns down.

And I hope the rising black smoke carries me far away and I never come back to this town again.


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2015-10-29 11:17 pm

This happened in real life today

My boss's boss was in the gallery today and I had a moment alone with her when I was helping her unload and she told me this:

"We gave you a raise back in August, and I didn't realize it at the time, but it wasn't enough. So we're going to give you an extra dollar an hour and back pay you the difference since August."

Is this real life??
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2015-10-17 11:59 pm

A scrub is a guy who can't get no love from me

Yeah I'm quoting TLC. Because it's 1999, y'all.
ACTUALLY, you would think from the story I'm about to tell you that it's fucking 1969!!!!!

Here's a little piece I like to call: Sexism in the workplace.


Several weeks ago a man came into the gallery and selected a pendant and inquired about chains to go with said pendant.
We had the following conversation:

HIM: What length chain do I need for this?

ME: Well 16 is good if you want it shorter or 30" is a good length if you want to wear it long.

HIM: Well....the woman this is for...she.....well, she has large breasts.

ME: Okay, well maybe you'd like...

HIM: Actually they're about the size of your breasts.

ME: O..K...

HIM: (He approaches me and PATS ME ON THE BACK!!)  I mean that as a compliment!

ME: ok.

HIM: You can say "thank you."

ME: .....thankyou....

So I raged about that piece of shit asshole sexist to eeeeeeeeeeeeeveryone. Because how in the FUCK is that appropriate? Who SAYS THAT????? It's the worst.

SO THEN today a guy comes in and he gets a pendant and chain and he's a fun guy and he's cursing a lot and talking about shit. He's young-ish. Like 35-40 I would say. 100% positive he's no younger than 35 and no older than 45. But anyway he's telling me and my co-worker Meg about all these places we should go camping and we're writing it down and we're all having a grand old time with him and laughing it up except for the fact that he found us working there to be unacceptable and that we need to "get out of here" and "promise me you'll be out of here by next year" and shit like that. Like ok dude we're fine with our life choices thanks and we don't LOVE our job but you know we need money to pay for things so shut the fuck up. Also Meg told him she studied printmaking in college and he litterally goes "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH *THAT*?" Rude. BUT that's not even the worst of it. So when he said he was leaving he was like ooohh i need to give y'all hugs! So Meg approached him 'cause she's a hugger and I stood back because I'm not a stranger hugger.  I wasn't going to VOLUNTEER to hug this dude but it wasn't a big deal if he approached me if that makes sense. So he hugs me and Meg and ok fine byeee and he goes "oh  I just like feeling titties against my chest" and we're like O.....K.... (me & meg: nervous laughter) and he didn't even stop there. He kept telling me how I had nice breasts and went ON AND ON about it. And I'm probably turning red at this point and my responses got very curt and I'm awkwardly nervous-laughing the whole thing off but he doesn't stop. He's making fun of me for turing red or whatever I don't know what he said exactly but I was like well actually it makes me uncomfortable and I told him about the dude a few weeks prior who commented on my boobs and this dude was just like "well you have a great rack." OK WHAT DID I *JUST* SAY??? And he kept joking about how "Well what size ARE your breasts" Me: *nervous laughter*  and "I'm just kidding. Unless you want to show me." Me: *nervous laughter* Him: "you know what they say! A good friend will show you their boobs but a GREAT friend will let you touch them!" Me: *nervous laughter*. Oh did I mention he was married? I don't know if that makes it MORE creepy but it doesn't help. He wasn't hiding it either. Earlier when he was talking about camping it was "me and my wife" etc etc. Hell, he came in the store to buy her a present. But yeah he just KEPT on it and it really made me uncomfortable.

And it makes me self-conscious. I don't put my boobs like OUT THERE at work. I keep my shit covered up. And yet people constantly feel the need to comment on the size of my breasts. WHY? A) They're just boobs. Get over it. B) What is it with me? Like what is it that make people comment to me or tell me that they're "sooo great"? I don't get it. Boobs are just boobs.  And lest you think that I'm bragging, trust me, I'm not. I enjoy having breasts and using them on my own terms. When I want to utilize them for my personal purposes. But that's not at work. And that's not for strangers to be commenting on to me when I'm trying to do my job and I'm being polite and professional and the rules of professionalism dictate that I cant tell these sexist assholes to go fuck themselves.

But on a larger scale, I'm concerned. When did it become socially acceptable to treat women like that? You hear shit about how back in the 60's or whatever you could smack a secretary on the ass and it was totes cool. And then they made workplace videos about how that's innapropriate and you can't do that. I mean I guess the deal is that since these assholes are CLIENTS, not employees I can't say shit to them. "The customer is always right" ...even when they make me uncomfortable? My boss is on vacation this week, but she didn't say shit about the last guy who made me uncomfortable so I doubt she'll give a shit about this.

Men need to realize that it's not ok to talk to women like this. What is that? Feminism? Equality? Not being a creeper? I don't know what you call it, but I'm upset over it. Like really. Meg and I both couldn't shake that feeling of being weirded out for like a while today.


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2014-09-07 08:25 pm

Long Drive

So Friday I spent the day seeing Jason Mraz and Raining Jane live in Houston. I left Baton Rouge around 12 and got to the University of Houston where I waited around till 7 for the show.

First, Jason came out and made some jokes and introductions. You don't always expect the main event to come out first thing, but he did and he was amazing. He told some jokes and explained that "no" means "not right now....and also I love you." People kept yelling dumb shit and it was annoying. This dumb ass behind me asked, "did you get my message?" (Barf) and Jason was like "no I have a new Hollywood number it's 555-5555". Shut up, random dude!! The same annoying dude kept loudly and out of key singing the wrong words to "The Remedy" like durring the wordless parts of the song he would just make shit up?? idk. and he kept shouting "GEEK IN THE PIIIIINNNKKK". UGHH SHUT YOUR FACE!  So Jason said remember: "no" means "not right now" hahaha.
So he introduced Raining Jane and they are an absolute delight. Beautiful girls inside and out. They played 3 songs. 1 they didn't introduce, next was a cover of Tv On The Radio's "wolf like me" and the third she talked about was about getting over a break up that she introduced as "The Opposite of Blue". Absolutely amazing. I loved all of it. The "Wolf Like Me" cover was better than the original!! And I already liked that song previously! It's just different because it was stripped down to the ladies with their strings and guitars and it was so fantastic. I should have taken a video of it!! And then "Opposite of Blue" was so real and so relatable. It really is important to realize that there IS such a thing as being the opposite of blue and you WILL get over it and be ok. These ladies are so talented it's amazing they weren't discovered sooner. I'm grateful to Jason for teaming up with them so that they could reach a larger audience and show off their true talent. Honestly as far as talent is concerned they don't NEED Jason. You know what I mean? But they sounded great alone and they sounded great on Jason's songs, too. It was weird to do the "Dynamo of Voalition" dance sitting down. We sat down until the last 2 songs. It was great to see Jason more closely. I was in the 5th row, thanks to the amazing Philly, but there were maybe 3-5 rows in a clearly seperate VIP section.

Jason Mraz Sept 5th 2014 019

See that black curtain up front? Behind that curtain there were free standing chairs set up. Not sure who got those seats. In the future I'm going ro remember to like the concert venue on social media to be aware of any special contests. But I was grateful for my 5th row seat. :)
The atmosphere was so relaxed. They told corny jokes and seemed to be having fun. Like Jason would be doing something and the stage hand would remove his mic and he'd be standing there and just good naturedly be like "oh, ok then" haha!! :) and then there was a lull so Mona said, "what does Snoop Dogg use to wash his whites? BLE-ACH!" Bravo. She is a delight. I love her relationship with Jason. It was kind of like she was the Kevin Eubanks/Quest Love/Fred Armisen/Max Weinberg/Paul Schafer to his Jay Leno/Jimmy Fallon/Seth Myers/Conan O'Brien/David Letterman, respectively. Jason would say things like "remember 'no' means, 'Not right now, and also I love you.' And he joked about how he's going to say that to his kids one day. And Mona said, "I hope you say it in that creepy uncle voice"!!! Amazing. They are so cute and funny. When Jason played "Tonight, Not Again" he explained that early on he didn't really edit his stuff so a lot of times he would just sing whatever he wrote down and he found that any time he sang "love" he felt good and other people felt good. So he saing "love" like he does in that song and it felt good!! He was saying how people tease him like "oh play that song with love in it" and he's like yeah yeah uh huh haha. And he said "people ask me how I stay so positive and wel... I have a doctor's recomendation....*wink*" AHH LOVE!!!!

I did not get picked for "Long Drive" because I wasn't in the front row and he picked some cute girl in the VIP section who said she came from Ecuador. They had all screamed about it before so he knew and wanted to show his appreciation for her long trip. So she sat next to him and drove and then he put her arm around him (!!!!) and then at the end he pulled out a Polaroid and took a picture of the two of them together on stage. Some dumb girl behind me kept loudly yelling out "I'm not jealous!!!!" Oh shut up. *I* AM and you don't hear me whining about it!!!
I think my favorite part was when he showed pictures of his garden when he played "Back To The a Earth" He said this was the first time he has his pictures up!! :) What a treat

Here he explains some about it...

And then ... THE BEST PART

I like to think I was the only person in the audience familiar with that song. And so here's the thing: Jason and Mona went to Antarctica to help with things over there related to the environment and the penguins and what-not. and so he was saying how he was invited down there and it was such and honor but he was concerned about the fuel to fly down to Australia and the fuel it takes to take a boat from Australia to Antarctica. So what did he do? He and Mona KAYAKED to Antarctica. Yeah. Jason Mraz and Mona are better people than you. And me. Than EVERYONE!! True story. I think that's amazing. He thinks of everything. He really, truly cares about the environment. He said at some point, "you know, when I think about the state of our planet, sometimes I get a little sad." The audience laughed. Like...I don't think he's joking! ?!?! So he showed us the video of his trip and he and Mona singing and dancing and playing and it's just amazing. To be in ANTARTICA with the penguins and have a ball!!! :)

He played he ukelele. He plays everything. Mona is just a giant fireball of talent I am mesermized by her.

Amazing show from start to finish.
And so after, Christina and the rest of the Mraz Women helped me figure out how to stalk him after the show. So I went to where I saw the tour busses earlier and there was a group of people waiting at the gates there. After a little bit the security guard said he left. He said Jason got in a white limo immediately after the show and left. So a few people in the crowd left. One girl said that she was staying because that sounded like bullshit. She said she SAW that white limo drive away and it was right out front of the venu. And how did no one see Jason get in a limo right out front when there were people standing out there? Also it is totally not Jason's style to ride away in a limo. She stayed for a little longer and then left. So we stayed and waited. Eventually it was just me and 2 other couples, then me and 1 other couple. The girl said she was waiting until busses pulled away. We saw the Janes get into one bus and they waved at us. Some roadie came up and asked us if he had come out yet and we said no. He handed us each a guitar pick and said he didn't know where Jason was. We kept waiting. At one point the girl said she saw a man all dresses in black, black hoodie pulled up over his head and get in the bus. She thinks that was him. Either that or he was already in the bus asleep. But I don't believe the limo story. So around 1am the other girl gave up and so I left too and headed the 4 hours home to BR. Got in around 5:30 and went to bed. Woke up at noon on Saturday, ate something, and went to work for 2:30. All day Saturday I felt like a ghost. Like half worried I was Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense. But I am alive and well! :)

I'm disappointed I didn't get to meet him but now I know to wait by the tour busses I'll do that next time.
Here's a review that I wrote for BandsInTown that I did not know would post to FB:

Jason Mraz continues to be completely amazing and mesmerizing. His spirit and his music are truly an inspiration and he encourages all of us to BE LOVE.
Also, it should be noted that Raining Jane is absolutely amazing. These four women are so talented it's a crime they haven't been recognized sooner. I can't wait to listen to their albums!
I will follow Jason anywhere he goes. I can't wait to see him again soon.
That's all!!

PS  I had my iphone and my little cannon snapshot camear with me. My phone takes WAAAYY better quality photos and videos. Craziness.

Here is my google Drive folder with all the pictures and videos. Enjoy!!!
Jason Mraz Sept 5th 2014 040

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2013-12-05 09:27 pm
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i worked from 9:45AM to 8:45PM today